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Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis can affect any women regardless of age and although a new partner or multiple sexual partners can increase the risk of getting ill, women who are not sexually active and even virgins got sick. While there is still debatable what are the causes of bacterial vaginosis, the conventional medicine should at least come up fast with an effective cure. For now the treatment is focused on suppressing the symptoms rather than curing the ailment and with recurrent bacterial vaginosis so frequent, it’s hard to believe that the antibiotics are the definitive solution.

Chronic bacterial vaginosis is a BV that returns over and over again after the previous treatment seems to provide the relief. After only a few months the symptoms reappear and by know the women know exactly what they are up against. Frustration is quick to install and despair is just around the corner as this disease, while not life threatening is sometimes a relationship breaker. This is the last thing an ill person needs, so it is only natural that the quest for a cure will continue.

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The problem is that most women has been following different antibiotics and they did more harm, so it’s hard to trust them again. The natural and home remedies will appeal more and fortunately some are very effective in treating chronic bacterial vaginosis. It is hard to believe that the solution has been within reach all the time, but it is fairly true. 

Yogurt is cheap, it tastes good and it has no side effect, while the live lactobacilli it contains are going to help restore the balance in the vaginal flora. It is a process that tries to reverse the very causes of chronic bacterial vaginosis and help the organism which can’t produce enough good bacteria alone. The acidic pH of the vagina is affected by the disease and it becomes alkaline, and this is one thing that must be dealt with soon. 

Garlic is also something everyone has in house or can easily purchase from any store and it proved its effectiveness against the chronic bacterial vaginosis. Most people are aware of its ability to fight off infections caused by different bacteria, but few are aware of the way it handles the bad bacteria that cause this disease. With just two or three pods of garlic daily you can see the progress your body is making in fighting this disease and cure it for good.